About Electric Collectiv.

Electric Collectiv. is a 10 member, actor focused theatre ensemble and production company.


We believe that great theatre and art is only possible in a community of artists who have deep trust, play and freedom with eachother. This comes from our belief in weekly training, outside of and during productions.

The space to play, explore, develop and grow is vital if we are to serve the great stories and characters for the stage.

We are an ecosystem of theatre artists. We have associate directors, writers and designers in the collectiv who all believe in creating theatre that is full of depth, power, truth and intimacy.

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Reaching back in time, theatre used to occupy a central role in community. The stage was a place to wrestle fervently with timeless problems and pressing human challenges. The actor was always central to that process. Audiences used to clamour to see actors with decades of experience tackle timeless parts that spoke to them on a deep level. And actors used to train in a company amongst other actors.

Today, the actor is just a part in a machine. 4 weeks rehearsal with a group of people that have never met, attempting to create truthful life on stage while tackling great stories and characters. When was the last time you left the theatre energised? Wanting to change the world? Moved to your soul?

Our overriding vision is simple. Theatre that moves and impacts an audience deeply must come from a company of actors. A collectiv that is continuously developing, both the actors and artists within it, and the purpose for its existence. Imagine the depths a company could take Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and their world to, with actors that have challenged, provoked, pushed and opened up to each other week in week out in class and rehearsal. Creating a truly rich and dynamically real story of life on stage. Inviting and commanding the audience to come on the journey, moment to moment. With pity and terror as Aristotle wrote.

The Electric Collectiv promotes radical honesty, fearless searching and a space for artists to develop individually and collectively.

An audience hungry for theatre that truly moves them, theatre that revolutionises, changes and above all invites action from the audience. To leave the theatre and have that conversation. To change the world, one human at a time.

We bring truth to the theatre. A tireless, unquenching search for what is real and effective. Artists that continuously look within themselves, to uncover what blocks them from expressing the raw depth and truth of the characters and stories that matter.

We also exist to give life to a way of working that has long since vanished. Actors in weekly training, a repertory collectiv. Working on craft, on themselves, preparing for the undertaking required to give truth and life to great parts and plays. Plays that leave an audience off centre, agitated, wanting to shift the axis of their world.


An actor's company following in the footsteps of Complicite, Steppenwolf, LAByrinth, The Group Theatre and the Maly theatre of St Petersburg.

© 2019 by Electric Collectiv.

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